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We proudly offer the original  Tortoise Seed Mixes, desert native wildflower, weed, shrub, grass, and tree seed.

Please note:  This is seed collection season!  We are out of the area and in the field.  All pending orders will be filled the week of June 24th.  You may receive a tracking number prior to that time.  Please be patient!  Thank you! 

Click here for Tortoise Forage Grazing Seed Mixes, and tortoise safe edible plants

Attempting to replicate what tortoises eat in the wild is a crucial aspect of responsible captive husbandry.  Tortoise Forage Grazing Seed Mixes help to make feeding your tortoises a high fiber, low protein, high calcium and low phosphorus diet easier!

In addition, you’ll also find pages to assist you with healthy and safe food choices for your tortoises.

Our seed is hand collected from the Mojave and Sonoran deserts.  We also offer species native to our local desert transition habitats (higher altitudes.)  Many species are not available in the commercial marketplace.

Desert native plant gardeners, there are plenty of species here for you too!

We also offer cactus cuttings from nursery grown plants,  we never remove cactus from the wild.

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If you are looking for live plants, we recommend Desert Natives Nursery, which offers online sales of pesticide free native plants.

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