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Tortoise Forage Grazing Seed Mix (Desert) - Product Image

Tortoise Forage Grazing Seed Mix (Desert)   

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American Desert Species of tortoises are unique creatures with specific needs. While numerous species of chelonia are terrestrial, many live in climates with high humidity, damp soil, with an abundance of food available to them at all times. Most of these are non-hibernating tortoises.

Many hibernating species of "arid" land tortoises such as Gopherus (Xerobates) have differing dietary requirements than their cousins from regions which enjoy regular rainfall and lush plant life.

Arid land tortoises often live in incredibly harsh environmental conditions, without constant access to food. Spring months offer green, succulent items, which very quickly dry out when summer heat quickly approaches.

Desert species are often seen eating dried twigs, leaves, and grasses and actually prefer them to moister, greener items as fall approaches and they prepare for hibernation. Many refuse "green" items all together after the summer months are underway, if given a choice.

This mixture, if planted outdoors, is best planted in the late fall, before the first frost, as much of the seed requires a period of "winter dormancy," but can be planted at any time of year.

Indoors, it can be planted (after a period of winter dormancy in your refrigerator). It will need a bright, warm, sunny location, with excellent drainage, and will need more regular watering as it becomes established.

It may also be planted in containers to protect from early "nibbling"

Contains: (based on seasonal seed availability)

Indian Ricegrass
Curly Mesquite Grass
Arizona Cottontop Grass
Galleta Grass
Ornate Owl's Clover
Mojave Corepsis
Desert Plantain
Sand Dropseed
CA Oat
CA Poppy
Mojave Pinchushion
And more!

Supplement with weeds and wildflowers, untreated rose petals, mulberry tree leaves, occasional spineless prickly pear Opuntia cacts for an even more varied diet.

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