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Small Seed Sowing Kit - Product Image

Small Seed Sowing Kit   

Price:  $5.99 

Are you trying to plant seeds that aren't any larger than a speck of dust? This is an issue that plagues gardeners everywhere, including us. Getting seeds evenly and adequately placed is difficult, if not nearly impossible, even when mixing small seeds with sand.

We have an inexpensive solution. We have been using this method for years, and it's worked wonderfully for us. Using this method, we're able to plant rows of seed, or place seeds evenly into containers, with surprising accuracy.

This kit contains a harmless starch, a dispenser bottle, and full instructions. The only thing you need to supply is a bowl, water, and a microwave oven.

This product allows you to evenly mix your seeds, and place them where you want them, which makes planting much easier and effective. The kit contains enough media to plant several species of small packets of wildflower seed. It's quick, easy, and effective! Note: This product is not intended to be used for seed germination, only for sowing.

Per kit: