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Incense Cedar - Product Image

Incense Cedar   

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Calocedrus decurrens, California Incense Cedar is a tree you may be more familiar with than you think you are. This is the species most commonly used to make wood pencils.

Incense Cedar is native to western North America, with the bulk of the range in the United States, from central western Oregon through most of California and the extreme west of Nevada, and also a short distance into northwest Mexico in northern Baja California. It is a large tree, typically reaching heights of 70 to 100 feet with a trunk diameter of up to 3-5 feet. The leaves are bright green on both sides of the shoots, and the cones are about an inch long. Incense cedar smells wonderful.

This is by far the most widely-known species in the genus, and is often simply called "Incense-cedar" without the regional qualifier. Freshly harvested! Requires cold moist stratification for germination. May take several months to germinate, even in ideal conditions, requires patience!

USDA Zone(s): 5-8
Exposure: Full Sun,
Soil Type: Gravelly, sandy, loam. Likes good drainage.
Water Usage: Low once established (two to four years)
Collection elevation: 3225feet
Location: San Bernardino County
Type:Open Pollinated
Germination SLOW. 82%

100 + seeds per packet and per 1/2 ounce.