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Desert Lily - Product Image
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Desert Lily   

Price:  $7.99 


Desert Lily? Yes!  We are pleased to be able to offer a limited amount of  Hesperocallis undulata this season.

Please note: This is seed. We do not offer our bulbs.  

Desert Lily is an absolutely stunning perennial plant, found in the Mojave and Sonoran deserts, most commonly  on sandy flats and on slopes. It is the only plant listed in its species.  

Desrt Lily somewhat resembles an Easter lily.   It forms a bulb deep underground, and sends up a single, thick stem from 1 to 4 feet high yearly, but only after a winter of sufficient rainfall.   At the base, long, wavy leaves up to 18" long.  The stem is adorned with cream to white, fragrant flowers.  Pollinators of all types are drawn to it.   Simply a stunning perennial native.  

This species requires deep, alkaline soil, and excellent drainage.

Strictly limited quantity, propagated in-house.

 Per packet (15 seeds)