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Cat Claw Acacia - Product Image

Cat Claw Acacia   

Price:  $5.99 

Senegalia greggii, Cat Claw Acacia is known as a "good neighbor plant." The spines are curved and look very much like a domestic cat's claws. This is a fast growing deciduous tree (or shrub), you may prune it to grow the way you'd like it to. Grows from 10-20 feet high. Hardy to 0 degrees F. Provides airy shade, and is gorgeous when in bloom. Seed pods provide important food for wildlife. Flower spikes are rod-shaped, and are up to 2 inches long. Needs well-drained soil.

Sunset Zone(s) 10-13
USDA Zone(s): 7-11
Blooming Period: Spring, sometimes Fall
Color: Yellow
Exposure: Full Sun, can handle reflected heat.
Soil Type: Gravelly, sandy, no clay soils.
Water Usage: Xeric but looks better with occasional watering
Collection elevation: 3300 feet
Location: San Bernardino County
Type:Open Pollinated