Desert Seed Store is a unique service, offering you a wide variety of hand-collected desert native wildflowers, forbs, shrubs, trees, and vines, many of which are not available in the commercial marketplace.

We’re a little different-and here’s why.

*We believe in doing things the old fashioned way.  We hand collect much of our own seed. Hand harvesting allows us to collect only the best seed from the strongest plants, because we’re looking at everything we harvest. We constantly monitor plants, and when Mother Nature says seeds are ready, we harvest.  Any seed we offer that is not harvested by us will be noted as such.  (The word “cultivar” is most often used.)

*We never harvest entire plants in an attempt to get seed to “ripen” using the plant’s remaining energy.  We feel that doing so results in an inferior product. We feel that the proper temperatures, sunlight,  and soil nutrients needed for good seed production is best the best way for seed to mature, in its own time.

*We hand clean all of our seed.

*We don’t use harsh chemicals.  In the event harvested seed needs treatment,  only organic products are used.

Plant identification and seed collection is hard work, especially in a desert environment.  Long drives, searing temperatures, insects, wind, and snakes, are an every day thing, but we truly love what we do!