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Grassland Sulcata Mix   

Price:  $13.49 

Grassland Sulcata Tortoise Seed Mix is a custom tortoise forage seed blend, which consists of grasses only.

This is an excellent forage for Sulcata, Star, and Leopard tortoises. Occasionally offering broadleaf weeds and wildflowers is a great way to provide more variety to the diet.

This mix needs to time to establish a good root system before permitting grazing, as young plants will be torn out by the roots.

Contains the following species (and others based on seasonal availability.)
Curly Mesquite
Arizona Cottontop
White Oat
Red Oat
Grama (3 species)
Rye (2 species)
Brome (2 species)
Indian Grass
Blue Wildrye
Indian Ricegrass

Per 1/2 pound, covers approximately 15 square feet: