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Cactus cuttings are a fantastic way to get a start on your drought tolerant garden.

All species of cactus cuttings we offer are taken from captive plants, and are never taken from the wild.  




Beavertail Opuntia Cactus - Cutting (Opuntia basilaris)

Beavertail cactus is one of the most beautiful members of the Opuntia family and is cherished by cacti collectors. With silvery green lobes, sometimes tinged slightly with red, it is a cactus which hugs the ground. It does well in hot windowsills, and in areas of bright, intense sunlight.

When mature this plant may reach 1.5 to 2 feet tall (60 cm), and spread approximately 4 feet(1.2 m)

Beavertail rots easily if left wet, needs FULL sun and exceptional drainage.

Per Pad:

Sale Price: $9.99  Regular Price: $13.99  
You Save: $4.00

  Cane Cholla AKA Whipple Cholla -Cutting ( Cylindropuntia whipplei )

Opuntia whipplei/imbricata is commonly known as "Cane Cactus or Whipple Cholla,"

A desert Sonoran and Chihuahuan native, Cane cholla is very drought and cold tolerant. It grows naturally at elevations of 1,000-6,000 feet. Cactus wrens, Curved-billed thrashers, and owls often build their nests in Cane cholla.

Cane cholla is offered in cut segments of at least 3 inches in length.

Our cane cholla is naturalized to the severe shifts in temperature of the high elevations of the Western Mojave desert.

Per Cutting:

Sale Price: $7.99  Regular Price: $9.89  
You Save: $1.90

  Pencil Cholla (Cylindropuntia ramosissima)

Cylindropuntia ramosissima is commonly known as "Pencil Cholla, Pencil Cactus, Darning Needle Cactus, or Diamond Pencil" because of it's thin, deep green pencil thickness sized joints.

Pencil cholla can obtain a height of 4 to 6 feet, and can spread to 6-8 feet when mature. As it matures, it develops a "trunk" so it resembles more of a cactus "tree" than a ground hugging species.

When mature, it bears yellowish-green flowers.

A Mojave desert native, Pencil cholla is drought tolerant. It grows naturally at elevations of 100 to 5,000 feet.

Pencil cholla is offered in 3 segments (joints).

The segment cuttings offered are ATTACHED, not separate single cuttings. This cacti does best in hot sunny locations,and requires excellent drainage.

Per Cutting:

Price: $8.99 

Purple Santa Rita Cactus-Cutting (Opuntia violacea var. Santa Rita)

Purple opuntia is a gorgeous, hardy landscape plant. This plant withstands temperatures to 0 degrees F (-18?C) once established. It looks beautiful just about anyplace.

The cuttings offered are from captive propagated plants and are deep purple in color once mature. Purple cactus needs full sun exposure, and little or no water once established.

This plant can attain sizes of 3 to 5 feet high (90 cm) & 6 feet across (1.8 m) when mature.

Per Pad (4" +)

Sale Price: $9.99  Regular Price: $13.99  
You Save: $4.00

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